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Name Lemuel I. Gomez

Date of Birth November 12, 1984

Place of Birth Bakersfield, CA

Current Occupation Electronics Technician on the Olympus Project with Shell Oil

Full Resume

Lemuel Israel Gomez

  • Well, who am I?

    I am a California born, Military Refined, Happily Married Man!

    My hobbies include: Motorcycles, Cars, Computers, Guns, Shooting Guns (Obviously), Running a small zoo (5 dogs, 4 cats), Electronics, Computers, Construction, Tinkering with anything really, Movies, Exploring, Sightseeing, Cookouts!

  • My Educational Background

    I was homeschooled most of my life, with the exception of 6th and 7th grades which were at Bakersfield Adventist Academy in Bakersfield, CA.
    I have had fairly extensive electronics training with the Navy during my 8 years as a sailor, including an Electronics Technician apprentiship through the department of labor. I have taken a few classes at a couple different colleges and am currently working on an Electromechanical degree with Old Dominion University.

  • Professional History

    My first job back when I was 17 was as a satellite television installation specialist, basically a CSR in a callroom for a DirecTV reseller. After I got laid off from that I picked up a job as a Fine Jewelry Specialist for JCPenney, during which I signed up for and contracted to join the US Navy.

    From March 2004 - May 2012 I was an Electronics Technician with the US Navy, I spent a few years on the USS Mustin both in San Diego, CA as well as Yokosuka, JP. In Sep 2008 I transferred to Groton CT to work as a Calibrations Technician for Radiation monitoring equipment at the submarine base there. Sep 2011 saw me moving to Norfolk VA to the USS Oscar Austin to be a Satellite / Line of Sight Communications Technician, shortly after moving to VA I was given an early honorable discharge and left the Navy in May 2012.

    I worked for a couple months for JT3 in Las Vegas, NV which is contracted by the military there to do various operational capabilities. In July 2012 I accepted an offer with Shell Oil as an Electronics Technician on the Olympus Project, currently we are in the contsruction phase in Corpus Christi, TX and will be moving it out to the gulf once complete where it will be attached to the sea floor via tension leg tendons in approx 3000 ft of water.